Here I am Standing

A fragment from a 3-hour concert at Moscow State Estrada Theatre (Театр Эстрады) on November 9, 2016. While being the only one performance within the “Bridging the Worlds” tour-2016 when four artists met on the stage, this concert was completely improvised by

Netanel Goldberg (vocals)
Estas Tonne (guitar)
Joseph Pepe Danza (percussions, flutes, voice)
Dimitri Artemenko (violins)

This track is available here.

More about the artist who co-crated this moment
Estas Tonne ‖ Joseph Pepe DanzaNetanel Goldberg  ‖ Dimitri Artemenko

Sound mastering Leon Galperin @ SoundPro studios
Filmed and Edited by Geri Dagys

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