Estas Tonne REVIVING WATER Tour 2017

Purification of an Ocean Begins with a Single Drop

The mysterious power of Water has been known since the beginning of time. The ancient tribes were treating it as one of the most important elements and fundamental sources of Life. The scientific discoveries of recent decades reveal the life-giving nature of Water and its connection with entire Universe.

As it is also known, our bodies are consisted mostly of Water. Thus, all of us are in a direct correlation between what we feel, say, express and that liquid we all are made of. That is why it is so important to start at least observing our inner processes, take responsibility for our actions and bring changes in all aspects of our personal lives as well as a collective co-existence on this beautiful Planet Earth, that We All call our Home now.

Of course, everyone has their own perception of Water based as on knowledge and intuition. Therefore, we would like to leave our slogan without any other additional comment, inviting you to close your eyes, open your heart and dive into the sacred space where the Purification of an Ocean Begins with a Single Drop. The intention is simple: to feel more, to allow our inner water to be purified and keep exploring what life has to offer from that pure space of connection while expanding it.

Together, we will share this journey in the cities and countries where our 2017 tour will be dedicated to transforming and reviving power of Water. The life-giving sounds through Estas Tonne, Pepe Danza and Netanel Godberg will make it possible to dive deep into the Mystery of Purifcation.

This entire emotional splendor penetrating through our perception may be not only a strong aesthetic experience, but also the beginning of a powerful awakening rise to a new understanding of the world and the self.

Days left till upcoming performance


08 Oct 2017 Vilnius, LT Kongresų rūmai Kongresų rūmai Buy ticket
11 Oct 2017 Rīga, LV Rīgas Kongresu nams Rīgas Kongresu nams Buy ticket
13 Oct 2017 Tallinn, EE Nordea Kontserdimaja Nordea Kontserdimaja Buy ticket
18 Oct 2017 Helsinki, FI Hall of Culture Kulttuuritalo Hall of Culture Kulttuuritalo Buy ticket
28 Oct 2017 Duisburg, DE Theater am Marientor Theater am Marientor Buy ticket
30 Oct 2017 Hamburg, DE Laeiszhalle, Großer Saal Laeiszhalle, Großer Saal Buy ticket
01 Nov 2017 Wuppertal, DE Immanuelskirche Immanuelskirche Buy ticket
03 Nov 2017 München, DE Philharmonie im Gasteig Philharmonie im Gasteig Buy ticket
05 Nov 2017 Vienna, AT Arena Wien - Große Halle Arena Wien - Große Halle Buy ticket
07 Nov 2017 Prague, CZ Divadlo Hybernia Divadlo Hybernia Buy ticket
09 Nov 2017 Dresden, DE Kulturpalast Kulturpalast Buy ticket
11 Nov 2017 Berlin, DE UdK Konzertsaal UdK Konzertsaal Buy ticket
12 Nov 2017 Leipzig, DE Haus Leipzig Haus Leipzig Buy ticket
14 Nov 2017 Ulm, DE Ev. Pauluskirche Ev. Pauluskirche Buy ticket
15 Nov 2017 Stuttgart, DE Liederhalle Mozartsaal Liederhalle Mozartsaal Buy ticket
17 Nov 2017 Aschaffenburg, DE Stadthalle am Schloss Stadthalle am Schloss Buy ticket
21 Nov 2017 Amsterdam, NL Royal Theatre Carré Royal Theatre Carré Buy ticket
24 Nov 2017 Enghien-les-Bains, FR Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains Buy ticket
28 Nov 2017 Antwerp, BE Zuiderpershuis Zuiderpershuis Buy ticket
01 Dec 2017 Zürich, CH Samsung Hall Samsung Hall Buy ticket
04 Dec 2017 Lugano, CH Studio Foce Studio Foce Buy ticket
06 Dec 2017 Genève, CH Palladium Palladium Buy ticket
09 Dec 2017 Nürnberg, DE Meistersingerhalle Meistersingerhalle Buy ticket