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All this music intended for a personal experience and sharing!

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31 thoughts on “Sound Journeys

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  1. Nica 3 weeks ago

    Dear Estas! the music you are sending to us, to me, brings me back to the true self I am,… I wish and hope your music melts down any attempt to start the big war all talk about, …would be great when all warmachines would fall out and be useless, especially the parasitic warmachine in the human mind!! please do what you can, what you are able, please!!!thank you:-)))!

  2. Neil Chandler 3 weeks ago

    Good Morning from Devon in South West England,
    Thankyou fro awakening something in me that I never had before. Your music is so special and makes everything else around fade away for a while while we enter a very special place. Have you any plans to visit the UK in the future?
    Many thanks, Neil

  3. Constantine Eliopoulos 1 month ago

    Warm thanks and welcome, for amplifying my emotional and spiritual awakening with your soul healing music. For I have devoured knowledge and wisdom while listening to the sounds of your expression……..bless you

  4. Romolo 9 months ago

    (Original text -french-) beautiful, what to say, a piece (internal flight) that takes you far away, is to cry so beautiful it is.
    When man and music are one …
    (original text is in french translate with google) magnifique, que dire, un morceau qui vous emmène loin trés loin, c’est à en pleurer tellement c’est beau.
    Quand l’homme et la musique ne font qu’un …

  5. Aura Magdalena 9 months ago

    The pure sound of your guitar awakens the Divine within: to give more than to take. Sooo inspiring ! Thank you !

  6. Jaap 12 months ago

    I love your music and listen to it almost everyday. Thank you so much for sharing your soul with the world!
    It would be absolutely amazing if you could come to Holland one day to perform here, I live in Leiden and would love to welcome you in our amazing city.

  7. Matheus 12 months ago

    I think you guys should definitely come to south america! I know so many people who would love listening estas’s music. Thanks for everything, and keep going

  8. Sheranda Ann Kumara 1 year ago

    Listening to Estas Tonne Music every day.
    Who can strum the guitar and create music of exquisite bittersweet beauty, that holds keys to activating
    your divine potent potential? Hold on Humanity, tired beyond belief. Alchemists meet, the Golden Dragon. This Buddha~Christ Conscious Brother, I hear his passionate embrace. I feel his exuberant call, to resurrect The Human Spirit, caught in this seemingly cruel game, that we all agreed to play, that we all hold the responsibility for. We answer this call to change the game on earth, not because we are being forced to, but because our Freewill calls out to the hero and the sage within us all, to be of service to healing all within, and without. Estas as a Buddha~Christ Conscious Brother holds a transformational energy that exudes sacred blessings through his music. And the way I see it, he expresses without words, that the ways of The Buddha and The Christ are one. Hold on, hold on, brothers and sisters, emotionally exhausted beyond belief. It’s his music that magically inspires my spiritual purification. With a furious roar, that this Lioness knows so well, ‘The Inside Movie’ I see as an ‘Internal Flight’ Home! The journey home is inside, and the home, we will create right here, on this planet. Heaven of Earth, with fantastic Bohemian Skies; I see this new world developing every day, so don’t give up, just keep walking this path of healing. Thank you Estas for bringing through the music that moves and inspires my Spirit~Soul!

  9. Vladimir 1 year ago

    Эстас, у Вас Божественная музыка! Она лечит душу, делает меня добрее и позволяет с улыбкой смотреть в будущее! Сердечно благодарю за то, что Вы делаете! Желаю Вам здоровья на долгие лета и неиссякаемой энергии! Удачи и успехов в творчестве!

  10. Rishiraj Sarkar 1 year ago

    I am from the city of Calcutta in eastern India. I just found your street performances on youtube and simply i was out of words.Frankly speaking the devotion, skill and passion you express through your guitar cant be appreciated with mere words. At once i fall in love with your music. The tunes are extremely beautiful and blissful and truly with your music one can say its the language of the gods. You are so so good at exhibiting the harmony of nature through your compassionate tunes. They really influenced me sir. You are truly a motivating person. Please keep on doing this great job. May god bless you.

  11. Facundo 1 year ago

    Hi Estas, 2 weeks ago i saw one of your videos playing the guitar on youtube, and i had the need to find out more about your music, because since I started to listening to it, I couldn’t stop listening it. So I want to tell you that your music is extremely beautiful, it makes me think in lots of things. Sorry for my english, I’m from Argentina, so regards from here, keep on.

  12. Manoj Divakaran 1 year ago

    I have been listening to Estas music for over a year now. It is beyond music .. it is therapy. The energy is so raw and the sounds are so evocative of a mystical and glorious moment that it connects you with the core of the universe around us. I feel as if I am listening to the heartbeat of the universe and am tapping into some secretive messages which reassure me that deep down it is glorious and awe inspiring. Just listening to the music is so meditative and refreshing. I hail from India and live in bustling Dubai and this music can transport you to any distant part of the universe you want to get to.

  13. Alejandro Riaño 1 year ago

    Some time ago I found myself wondering whether the person who creates music is truly important or not for music itself. It seemed as if beautiful music shouldn’t depend on the circumstances this or that person had to go through to create this music. Well, I think it depends greatly on human experiences. Music is a path where you’ll always find new amazing things, one of which I just found on this website. I thank you sincerely for sharing your music with everyone in such a way.

    Kind regards from Bogotá, Colombia

  14. Вячеслав 1 year ago

    Спасибо Вам за эту замечательную музыку! Она помогает и в грусти и в радости!
    Приезжайте на Камчатку!

  15. Greg Savage 1 year ago

    First time listener. Wow!
    Greg Savage
    Albuquerque New Mexico USA

  16. saerom 1 year ago

    우연히 유투브에서 듣고 너무 좋아서
    인터넷에서 검색해 들어 오게 됐어요 .

  17. Sartorius 1 year ago

    Your music is a lifeline that was extended to me when I need it most. I am deeply greatful to you for creating it and sharing so freely your innermost world.

  18. Gurea 1 year ago

    I love it, when I stumble about something which touches me. It doesn’t matter if it is a person, a flower a picture, a moment. What matters is that my heart gets touched. Your music (and your energy) does this to me.
    Thank you from the deepest of my heart for your, transforming, moving and healing music. Your music touches me deeply and acompanies me on my inner journey. It brought back hope, my ability to dream (again) and motivation. And it brought back the wish to connect again.

    Bless you!

  19. Mashuk 1 year ago

    I have a guitar, for almost 6 and a half years. I know all the chords, all the notes. But i have nothing – not even a song i can give a name to. Don’t blame me for not trying. I tried. But I never wanted to someone else. Sometimes I wonder I may not have a soul or it may have died. May be this is a movie I’m in and so the story will go. The quest for peace. And I’m afraid it may not have been built for me to find. But I don’t lose hope. I don’t know where your music will lead me. Its just a hope for a happy ending. May be one day I’ll not have to struggle for a smile.

  20. Rohit Arun Rao 1 year ago

    Your music is so soulful Estas. It’s like you know guitar by it’s wood and the string coils. You fill soul in to the music, the ups and downs are just mesmerizing, so spiritual. Tears drop off when i listen to you. This is one of the ways of world healing to peace. God be with you. You are magical.

  21. Willem 1 year ago

    Since I cannot afford to pay you for your beautiful music I can only express my gratitude for sharing it freely by writing you this short “thank you”. You are a beautiful soul.

  22. ahmet.c 1 year ago

    Listen to this guy; hidden in the heart of the comment

  23. Mona 2 years ago

    His music reveals the nostalgia of a time that is to come back and brings back home all those who are in exile. Home is the heart. His heart plays his music, there are not many like that. And when you listen, your heart remembers a time when love was the King and the power of love was making everything happen.
    This is a prophetic music which uplifts your vibration and therefore your memory back to this time when we lived in Oneness which is love, which is joy, which is peace, respect, which includes the highest possibilities for the whole creation.
    And it’s true, we cannot stop listening to his music like we can’t stop breathing, we can’t stop walking the path of consciousness, we are all one, that is the message of True Music of true musicians like Estas Tonne, it’s beyond division, it’s beyond separation. A1000Blessings and Ruhani Prem.

  24. a.cvs 2 years ago

    a really great voice and from the heart .Thank you for your huge heart

  25. Shawn Francis 2 years ago

    Lately I wonder around my house and I feel lost. I can do anything I want and yet I feel like something is missing. Wife is at work and kids are in school, I can do what ever I want. Play a video game, do some wood working, go for a drive, grab my skateboard and go skate, I can do what ever I want and yet I feel like something is missing. I wonder around, feeling lost…… My 11 year old daughter is in her first year of playing the violin. One of her tuning pegs has been messing with her so I looked up how to fix it. That’s what I do, I fix things and I came across a cool electric violin. Something I have always wanted to get back into playing. So, later today I sat down at the piano for the first time and tried to read some sheet music. I haven’t done that in about 20 years. I sat down and slowly played each note on the piano. It felt so nice that I thought about tuning my guitar and playing it too. I didn’t though, maybe tomorrow. I started watching some youtube videos with violinists and came across some street performer videos and that’s how I found you. As soon as I heard you playing “The Song of the Golden Dragon” I was instantly hooked and couldn’t stop listening to you. I said to myself that if you made a CD I would buy it. Went to itunes to check and I bought one and will continue to buy more in the future. You are an inspiration and I believe I know now what I have been missing. I want to play music. I think it is time for me to go on my own Sound Journey. Thank you very much for your beautiful music. I love it so much…… I guess I have been on this journey for a while since I have been buying music from around the world and not from the USA, which is where I’m from, for about 4 to 5 years. Thanks. I just tuned my guitar and am hoping for that violin this Christmas…..

  26. Kahtra D. Bryson 2 years ago

    Greetings; I recently stumbled upon your work and I must say it has changed the way I view so many things. From the way I meditate, to the way I’m teaching myself the guitar, to the way I write or sing, even. You possess a certain energy about you that simply inspires. I don’t know how else you explain it- you’re like a modern day Orpheus. The streams themselves would flow in reverse to listen to you play, and to listen to what you have to say. I feel very blessed by the Cosmos to have found your art, your yoga- as you called it in one video I found. Your music is definitely helping me get through some harsh times, and for that I am grateful. If you believe in the spiritual law of attraction, then you’ll understand when I say that I must have sent out the right vibes when I sought the Universe’s help.
    Thank you for what you do- I know you probably hear all this allot. Still, I would hope you don’t tire of it.
    Best regards,

  27. Patricia Ocampo Bretón 2 years ago

    I just found your music minutes ago and I felt the need to find out more about your music, your videos and my search took me to this website. I have to say that this need is not usual for me but your music, the way you express your art just went straight to my heart and soul. I hope you are aware about the way you touch others’ soul with your music and hope that makes you happy because you give happiness and a sense of completeness. I am from Mexico, from a small town named Tecozautla, located in Hidalgo State. Today has been a good day for me… because today I found your music. Thank you! you made my day . God bless you!

    1. Shawn Francis 2 years ago

      I feel the same. Thank you and god bless.

  28. Arunchandra 2 years ago

    I am out of words for expressing my utmost gratitude for creating such a divine music. It is such a meditative experience for me to listen to your music. Each note you play is so deep in emotions, and it touched my soul with love, bliss and peace. I am so fortunate that I found your music few days ago- it really influenced me.
    I am from a small town in India, and writing these words from Florida. My heartfelt Pranams to you and your music. Keep sharing love, joy and peace with your music.

    Namaste, Arun

  29. Utka Nehuen 2 years ago

    I want to express my feelings about your music, because i found your music 2 weeks ago and i cant stop hearing it. I want to say to you from my hearth : Thank you for the vibrational trips, and for sharing with out cost. I write this words from a little town named Los Coihues, in the meedle of two lakes and two mountains, where a big valley rests. Im from Argentina and your music its an inspiration for my creative mind and spirit, i hope you read this humble words, and feel the distance that your vibes reaches. Good paths, peacefull mind, glowing hearth!
    With love, Utka