Sound & Silence

14 Sep 2017 Arrilas, GR


Time : It will begin on the evening of 9th of Sept 2017 and include 6 full days of music, concerts, sound healing, story telling.
Venue : Sound & Silence
Address : Arrilas, Corfu, Greece
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Sound & Silence Gatherings 2017
Move: 2nd – 6th Sept 2017
Listen: 9th – 15th Sept 2017
Be: 18th – 22nd Sept 2017

Each magical gathering will offer elements of:
• Daily concerts and other artistic performances
• Group sessions of yoga, meditation, sound healing and dance
• Workshops on art, nature, astrology and more
• Musical satsangs
• Wide range of body/mind healing sessions
• Delicious vegetarian food
• Plenty of time to enjoy Arillas’ blue flag beaches, mud baths & crystal clear waters
• Lots of conscious community!

How do these gatherings differ? We invite you to envision this collective as a three week active meditation in which we will journey consciously from ‘activity’ to ‘non-activity’ from ‘doing’ to ‘non-doing’ from ‘body’ to ‘spirit’ from ‘earth’ to ‘space’! While each of the gatherings will offer a taste of everything, each week will present more sessions related to the theme of Move.Listen.Be, respectively. The first week, MOVE will offer more movement based practices, LISTEN will offer more music & sound healing, and the BE will share more meditation & non-verbal workshops.

​LISTEN will commence on the evening of 9th Sept 2017 and include 6 full days of music, concerts, sound healing, story telling, meditations, yoga, dance & more, facilitated by incredible teachers from around the world and that is where Estas Tonne will perform. He will play in between 9th and 14th of September. More details for the festival program can be found here.