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Title : Internal Flight 2013
Release Date : Aug 11 2013
Category : Albums
Catalog ref. : 009
Format : MP3 (320 kbps) + WAV
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This musical experience somehow naturally occurred during my travels all over the planet in 2012 while feeling the call to “stretch” and extent already existing songs, improvising with the intensity of sound as well as “letting the strings tell stories…“

During enormous amounts of sessions, which range from 1 hour to 5 hours I’ve seen and felt an incredible magic … it didn’t matter where this experience took place. It has always been like a miracle.

A transformation of thought into eternal smiling silence – at meditation festivals, yoga retreats, street festivals, concerts, mental institutes, elderly houses, small house gatherings and huge parties.

I’m doing my best to stay with “this energy” no matter what surroundings are there, holding the space for those around to achieve a “flying experience” – at times it is very challenging yet always beneficial.

I still have no idea what I do during these sessions, as it seems indeed, just holding a guitar, as it becomes much more than music – and its not about the music – and surely its not about me – but all that is involved in the process.
Within this recording I tried to keep the original energy.
Though surely it is never the same as it could be experienced Live!
With all love ♥

Recorded, co-arranged, edited and polished:
Eino Kolists & Ainārs Majors at (Riga, Latvia, 2012)
Mastering by Jānis Kalve at “Labo Ierakstu Studija”

Great thanks also to:
Wassa V, Eino Kolists, Ainārs Majors, Jānis Kalve, Juris Grave, Bhavani Prem, Fiona Unterasinger,Joel, Irina, Amalia, Igor, Sveta, Tony Fyne, Amihai & Love Revolution Israel, Jivani, Omer, Liat Zion, Zola, Nir Shraiber and so many all over the world, visible and invisible!

Front cover photo: by Tony Fyne

8 reviews for Internal Flight 2013 – [Download]

  1. Romain (verified owner)

    Tears come in my eyes everyday when I listen to your music. All your musics takes me to unknown places. If the entire world would see you playing and would enjoy it as much as I do, I am sure peace would be on earth forever. You are a real angel. Thank you for what you are doing.

  2. Beverley Sharman

    This has to be the best album to meditate to. I bought this when I went to see Estas Tonne live in Oct 2018 on the Breath of Sound Tour, never having heard of him or heard his music before. It was what he had written that urged me to go. I was so moved by his music I stayed to meet & speak with him briefly. I played this CD on my drive home across the moors on a bright clear moonlit night & was transported somewhere else as well as home….this music has excavated emotions from deep inside my being, my heart & my soul. I have played it every day since & it brings such comfort & deep inner peace – a feeling of connection with the totality of life. Thank you for your gift of Being.

  3. Moni (verified owner)

    Very moving. If the music shows the truth about our soul then you are wonderful person 🙂 Thank you for that and god bless. Moni

  4. Arek

    Excellent album. I listen it very often on Spotify when I need to prepare a concept work and during my flights.

    Thank you

  5. Patrik

    A joy to listen. I keep getting back to this song every day. It’s just perfect in any level a song can be.

  6. Romolo (verified owner)

    (Original text -french-) beautiful, what to say, a piece that takes you far away, is to cry so beautiful it is.
    When man and music are one …

  7. Mercader (verified owner)

    I cried…
    I cried…

    Tears of happiness… thank you for this journey 🙂


    Thank you to intercede on your way to bring us these wonderful emotions filled experiences that bring us closer to the sublime celestial presence and its benefits. God bless you, and that his light brings us all peace , love and joy. So talented that your music carries us again and again in these moments of peace and gratitude for all that is the truth. Thank you to you from someone who understands and feels beyond your divinely inspired melodies, and guided as you, work for humanity. Arnauld B.

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