When someone inspires us to play an instrument, unconsciously or consciously we tend to imitate that expression. And for a certain time it is very helpful for practicing purposes as well as for widening our perception.
Overdoing the imitation might cause a consequence: we might become a “clone” and forget or negate our own uniqueness.
I believe that it’s of great benefit to find your own way, to find your personal heart-connection while playing an instrument, observing an inner processing, expression itself and those witnessing it.
My intention for this workshop is to reflect to the participants following questions:
“How can I find and develop my own harmony, my own musicality while playing/improvising on acoustic guitar and how can I be true to my own unique expression”.
During the workshop we will create a common space, an atmosphere where we’ll meet as a group, as well as face-to-face meetings in a personal coaching setting.
We will evolve together and experience great new ideas during these days.


Guitar-skills: Beginners and established musicians of any styles!
Please bring your own acoustic-guitar! We´ll practice without amplifier or electronic effects.

Language-skills: basic spoken english language skills

Application for participation

For application please go to this site www.schloss-schule.at and follow instructions.

Apply until June 9, 2017. The participants will be drawn and instantly informed.

Maximum number of participants - 10
Workshop 15 hours
 Workshop language - English
 Date - 2017 August 7-11 (Monday - Friday 4PM - 7PM)
 Price 450EU (including workshop fee only)

Getting there, accommodation and more info

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