Time of the Sixth Sun is a feature documentary about the awakening and transformation of global consciousness, as we move into a more evolved state of being and ascend to a higher level of collective co-creation. A transformational energy is now flowing from the Cosmos and is forming a new energetic grid around the Earth, facilitating an awakening of the masses from a deep sleep.
The strength of the film comes from the authenticity and integrity of the speakers we interview. Tribal leaders, scientists and visionary thinkers who are the pioneers of our time, each carry a sacred transmission.
Introduced by Greta Scacchi and narrated by Tobias our guide, the film loosely follows the journey of our ‘everyman’ protagonist who is provoked and nudged along on his journey by the ‘trickster’. This story is interwoven with a montage of ‘speakers’ who explore the nature of new energy consciousness, walking us through the steps on our collective evolutionary path.

Expected release date: 2016

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