One of the only concerts of the year 2015 Worldwide!

After last year’s premiere at the Jazztage, Estas Tonne returns to Dresden to perform the only concert in Germany in 2015.

Estas Tonne’s guitar play is based on the musical invitation to immerse into the music with body and spirit experiencing that this audible moment of performance provokes a sustainable result within whereby the ear of the listeners gets inspired to fill this space: emotionally, imaginatively, intuitively.

Meditative, as the music is often described, doesn’t mean minimalistic or motionless in the musical happening. It rather allows access to the personal and emotional biography and so, too, to the personal situative shape. The music can touch the gentleness inside, but it can also reveal the undetected, unknown or misinterpreted emotions.

It’s a natural choice to therefore combine his music with exercises of Yoga. In one of the last two concerts in 2014, listeners let the music influence their yoga practice. This special possibility will be integrated again this year in the spacious sacristies of Dresden’s Kreuzkirche.

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12 Apr 2018 Moscow, RU Central House of Artist (ЦДХ) - [TRIO] Central House of Artist (ЦДХ) - [TRIO] Buy ticket
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19 Apr 2018 Novosibirsk, RU DKZH (ДКЖ) - [TRIO] DKZH (ДКЖ) - [TRIO] Buy ticket
21 Apr 2018 Basel, CH Holzpark Klybeck - [SOLO] Holzpark Klybeck - [SOLO] Buy ticket

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