In 2012, I’ve got to know a traveling photographers and filmmakers from Ukraine, Olga and Andrey Andreev’s from a Paganel Studio. Watching their breathtaking footage, I’ve had an idea to combine the “Internal Flight” (a guitar version) with their images of nature. Our first shooting took place in Crimea (while its still has been an Ukrainian territory) and finished in Peruvian part of the Amazon and Sacred Valley near Cusco. Some parts of the film have been filmed by them before our meeting, yet most of it been intentionally captured for the upcoming art piece. In 2015, an Internal Flight, the movie trailer, has won the Awards for the short films selection at the “Cosmic Cine Film Festival” (Germany)



To all of the Russian speaking citizens of the Planet Earth and not only: “Internal Flight, the movie”, the visual-sound journey is available for a free streaming.

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6 thoughts on “INTERNAL FLIGHT, the MOVIE

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  1. Kim Flanders 1 year ago

    Love this song “Internal Flight.” I like how the music resonates and kind of answers itself in a sensitive, passionate, exciting way. It makes me want to dance around and run around in my head.

  2. nathalis 1 year ago

    beyond words.. just saw “internal flight”
    big emotions flowing!
    soo transcendental
    ..but i couldn’t understand any of that poetic words that sounds so special.
    unfortunately the translated version of the text is nowhere to be found.
    so, i wonder 🙂
    maybe you can help somehow

    thank you!

    1. Estas 1 year ago

      There is an english version of this film but since there is some legal issues it can not be shown online for the broad audience right now. We hope it will be available for enjoyment in the near future. Unfortunately we can’t tell exact dates.

      ETMusic Familia

  3. Eva 1 year ago

    Where can I watch this movie? Has it been released? The trailer already is breathtakingly beautiful and moving, I would really love to see the whole film too… Estas, love and blessings, your music is magic.

    1. Estas 1 year ago

      Dear Eva,
      For now it was shown only in selected theaters but we hope it will be released online soon. Just follow the ET news.
      ETMusic Familia

  4. Angela Miele 2 years ago

    I am so impressed with Estas authenticity, his music touches my soul and beckons me to fully open to my soul song. I am very much looking forward to the album and the movie. HE (you) reach us all in the field of unity consciousness through the pathway of the heart. Thank you, blessings!!!