In 2009, in Arambol, Goa, India, an international group of artists have created a Musical, called “Colors Of White”. An English poet and a writer Peter Moore, combined different stories from personal experiences and ideas into a masterfully written fairytale about a transformation of a man, born in “a grey world”. Timeless poems by Peter, such as “Who am I” and “Make Space” become a foundation of this musical. In 2011, in a northern part of India, in Himalayas, we have gathered again to continue this collaboration, yet it transformed into something unexpected. Nir Shraiber, a filmmaker from Israel proposed us to make a short movie based on the Peter’s poem: “The Temple of the Solomon, The King” (Who am I). A short musical film, “Elemental”, features various independent artists from around the globe expressing an ever important question of an inner remembrance.
An earlier version of the track “Who am I” has been featured on the “Bohemian Skies” album, together with Peter Moore and Victoria Grebezs (Storia).

Release date: 2016

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