“Bridging the Worlds”

The name of a tour quite clearly expressing an intention to manifest within each coming day the changes we are as human beings would love to see and experience on this planet.
We are all different and yet we are all interconnected on so many levels.
It requires an active participation to create harmony, not only as an observer though also as a co-creator.
How would one bridge the worlds?
By becoming this bridge.
Each of us.
Taking a responsibility what every individual transmits into the world through feelings, emotions, actions.
All of us can not be friends, it is simply impossible to achieve and it is not the purpose.
But each of us can feel that there is a bigger picture to life than what we can see with our eyes and hear with our ears.
The human heart is that place where we all meet beyond the racial, cultural and gender differences and music is one of the greatest tools to connect with the sacredness of the heart space.
Somewhere along this trail we will meet and little by little purify individually and collectively.
Thanks for Being!
See you in the moment when it comes!

Estas Tonne

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